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All Change!

Posted: June 3, 2011 in A comment
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Hi to all my readers…

Just a quick post to let you know of an important change of address..


This will now be my blog site.

I have posted my reasons for doing this on that site and look forward to seeing you there oplease comment on either my blogs or images…

All the best Art Griffo


For those that have been following my blog ‘GriffoArt’ my apologies for not updating this recently. But with a few changes I needed to make with equipment and then thoughts around how I was going to continue with my blogging I have reluctantly left it alone… Losing an external hard-drive in the process didn’t help matters much either…

So why the change… It has become apparent to me to have a recognised call sign is an advantage – Im not a professional photographer – and ‘Griffoart’ to my mind didn’t – well – sit right for me – it didn’t look right as a header. I think it was better suited to an artist in paints and oils! i needed to have a title that will be easily remembered and found by the readers of blogs and those interested in photography and visual art, one that relates to the style of my work… As well as this my URL is one hell of a long address to keep typing in and probably would never be found on a google search unless someone knew me – So… was created… and ArtGriffo blog and flickr sites to follow. The name , well it derides from what I have always been a lover of, the ‘Art Deco’ style that was around in the 1930’s. Fresh, angular, sharp with predominant colours of black gold/yellow, a unique style from a unique era.

My preferred style of photography, is to create visual art with abstracts and what I see around me. Recent projects has led to a more traditional style with portraits, Hair Shoots, Air-Shows and Motor Racing, but I’m constantly looking for that visual art effect in the final image. My recent success of attaining a Licentiateship with the RPS was endorsed by comments of ‘a visual art appreciation’ has underlined to me, what I want to create and achieve.

So I hope you enjoy the new “ARTGRIFFO” blog and I look forward to your responses and comments..

Regards Paul – “ArtGriffo”

Hello world!

Posted: June 2, 2011 in A comment

Hi to everyone

I’ve changed the blog from ‘Griffoart” to Artgriffo – this will all link up with websites and flickr sites eventually…

Flickr still has the same address but the call sign has changed to artgriffo… link below…